Maritime agency founded in tangier on 1904

    Maritime agency founded in tangier on 1904

    Maritime agency founded in tangier on 1904

    Maritime agency founded in tangier on 1904

    Maritime agency founded in tangier on 1904
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44 et 46, Avenue Mohamed VI (ex av. d'Espagne). 90 000 Tangier Morocco

(00 212) 39931207 / 39934049

(00 212) 39 93 50 71

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Address at TANGER MED:
Port Tanger Med ; SAS office 202, second floor


The Agency intervenes at present in the Port of TANGIER CITY and of TANGIER MED in the following areas:

- The Representation of Shipping companies

- the logging of commercial vessels (cargo - RO/RO - ferries - passenger boats) which covers, among other the support of ships, the crews change, the various formalities, repatriations repatriation on health grounds ...

Therefore we represent several ship-owners based in:

  • Greece
  • Belgium
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Bulgaria
  • Denmark
  • etc

We are also General Agent of the following Ship-owners:

FRS holding two ships of large capacity " high speed " and a ferry for the crossing of the strait between TARIFA/ALGECIRAS and TANGIER city / TANGIER MED (see contact with the main operators).

GNV (Gandi Navi Veloci) holding three large capacity high speed ferry between TANGER MED and Barcelona, Genoa and Sète.

- The Management of the Freight for third party start from TANGIER MED, in particular with GNV

- The Direct Sales of tickets of passage between the ports of TANGIER and Europe (passengers, tour vehicles, buses, trucks…)

- The management of the licensed ticketing to the travel agencies in Morocco, which provides the control and the good conduct with the ship-owners

- The Handling

COPRAGRI - FORAFRIC - LAFARGE companies used our services in the Port of TANGIER city to their great satisfaction.

For any request of further information or precision please contact the Agency at the specified coordinates above.


A board program of redevelopment of the harbour area of TANGIER CITY program is in progress arising from the desire to transform the Commercial port into a vast tourist area dedicated to the yachting and the cruise.

The Agency expects to participate in the resulting expansion by creating and developing, in partnership or on own funds:

- An activity of Ship-chandler and Assistance / Support to the small yacht :

- provision of navigation equipment, fittings, Miscellaneous supplies off food products.

- Search for providers in different trades (repair, winterizing, monitoring, maintenance…)

- Implementation, if a market emerges, of transport inter-oceans (toward or on a the return of Caribbean islands for example) of yacht by floating Docks in partnership with the approved actors (Express Dock or other), the position of TANGIER in the outlet of the Mediterranean Sea on the Ocean giving it major asset.

Address: 44 et 46, Avenue Mohamed VI (ex av. d'Espagne) 90 000 Tangier Morocco. Tel:(00 212) 39931207/39934049. Fax:(00 212) 39935071. E-MAIL:direction@joel-lalaurie.com
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